Metro.Ferr S.r.l., with a sound experience in transportation infrastructures design, building and maintenance and as a holder of know-how, technologies and products, deriving from associated groups, exploits this capacities for managing the commissions.

Thanks to the managing and executive departments diversification and flexibility, the Company is able to deal with projects of every size, on a national and international panorama, as a General Contractor, as a Lead Contractor, in Temporary Consortiums with other partners specialized in certain technologies.

In public transport systems, the Company is able to offer innovative technologies and products for improving efficiency and safety in existing systems.

Some of the main activities of the Company in the field of urban and railway transport are shown below:

  • Project design;
  • Network and infrastructures analysis;
  • Products and technologies supply;
  • Railways, tramways and underground construction;
  • Railways, tramways and underground networks maintenance.